Culture is an important aspect of any transformation programme within organisations. More often than not companies have spent hundreds and yet not been successful because of a lack of cultural consideration. There are multiple generations of people working together and they have had different amounts of exposure to social media technology. The leaders of these companies must help everyone adopt social media.

Executive resistance – Some companies might think that if they allow social media at work then employees will spend more time socializing online rather than actually working. However this might actually bring enhancements to productivity. If employees are not allowed to post things internally then they might do it externally anyway and this could be far worse. There should be a reasonable level of openness and honesty ( which are more valued) among the employees.


Privacy – A lot of data is being collected and used often without our knowledge. If we let ourselves be mined, we receive personalized recommendations, connections and deals. The terms of protection of different apps should have some protection for people and companies should perform data safety audits for people to feel safe online.

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Here are some basic privacy protections you can use:

  • use stronger passwords
  • avoid public computers
  • use a VPN (virtual private network) from this list.