People have a need to communicate, interact and socialise with other people – its in our genes! Social media includes all the tools that we need to fulfill this need and it has evolved significantly over the last 3 or 4 decades.

Web 1.0 is what the internet was called prior to 1999. It only allowed one way communication – a ‘read only’ web. So not very interesting things to write here. But if you want to get into details then you can find some interesting info here.

Then came the era of Web 2.0 where collaboration and user interaction became common. FacebookYouTube and similar sites allow user interaction. Users can upload photos, videos, gif images, share posts, write instant messages, etc. In fact there are about 2.8 million apps only in the Google Playstore as of March 2017!

Here is an image showing a timeline of social media through the years:


Web 2.0 features Collaboration, Group Participation, Two-Way Communication, Active Involvement, User-Generated Content & Blogging.

The era of a Web 3.0 is coming very soon, some may even say it has already begun. This presentation by Philippe Modard explains it all very clearly.

How can we not mention the number of devices that are used these days for the purposes of communication, socialising, keeping in touch, playing, business, and other uses? Below is an example of Facebook use by device:


The number of social media users worldwide is increasing steadily as analysed and graphed here. With so many users , I think social media is a very important aspect of peoples lives and its only a matter of time when all our devices will start producing raw data, always be connected to other devices, and be omnipresent (Yep that’s whats Web 3.0!!)

Web 4.0 (The Internet of Things) – According to Burrus, Web 4.0 is about “the ultra-intelligent electronic agent.” He describes really well in this video.

Web 5.0 – is the environment where every aspect is holographic, including senses. In web 5.0 we are able to interact using special suits using holograms meeting with other holograms in a virtual but very real world.

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